Feb 12, 2014

The Hospital Bag

I have been thinking about packing my hospital bag this week...only 2 weeks til baby day! I found a couple boards on Pinterest that I liked, but I also made my own:

What's going in my actual hospital bag?  These:

We pack pretty light most of the time, and this really doesn't exclude our hospital stays either.  Even though my labors have been fairly long (16 and 10 hours) we don't really need a ton of entertainment or snacks when we are there because we love to just relax and talk and are excited so we aren't too hungry.  That being said, the hospital provides pretty much everything you need too.  Here are the things they don't provide that you will definitely need:

For the labor you will want a pair of socks for sure.  My feet are always cold at the hospital if I don't being some!

I will be bringing a book this time, although I doubt I will even read.  This time is too precious to me to be distracting myself from it!  I will probably have Trey bring one too, just in case he is getting bored- and especially for the day after if I am sleeping a lot.  For these times I will also have him bring his headphones to use with media on his phone.

I will also have my new iPhone by then and will for sure have that with me- can't wait to get my first smartphone, and in gold and white! :)  I also am wondering if it would be fun to facetime with the kids while we are there and they are with their grandma...

Make sure you do not forget your wallets!  Insurance cards, extra cash, IDs, all the important stuff you need are in them!  It is much easier to get all the paperwork for birth certificates done while you are in the hospital too.

Shampoo, Conditioner, face wash, toothbrush & toothpaste- all of this stuff is NOT provided at the hospital (at least when I went) and you will desperately want it!  I also like to bring my makeup and a compact mirror so I can feel like myself and not be embarrassed to have visitors.

Camera/Video Camera.  I will be bringing my Nikon, but I am thinking that most of the pictures and videos we take will be on our phones. 

Comfortable clothing for everyone.  Pajamas for Dad, comfy loose tees, yoga pants, and zip-up hoodie for Mom, and a "going home" outfit for baby. I am also going to bring my lightweight robe this time for recovery.  I am not sure if I will use it, but we'll see.

Don't forget the car-seat!  They won't let you leave without one :)

I am getting SO excited!  Good luck to all my friends having babies soon- there are a lot of them right now and I am super excited for them!
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