Jan 28, 2014

New Year, New You: My 5 Best Beauty Tips

If you read my last post on a New Year, New You, you know that I refuse to spend a ton of money on beauty products and am still totally happy with what I use.  Well, I also have to share some of my favorite tips and tricks that will help you use those products the best way I know how.

1. Mix your foundation to match your skin.  My skin is really fair, but I also get tan in the summer.  It is really constantly changing shades so foundation is really hard to match all the time.  What I love to do is use my skin-clearing neutrogena (in a light shade, which also has a lighter coverage) as my base, then add a medium shade of Maybeline's Dream Liquid Mousse (heavier coverage) to create the perfect color and coverage for my skin.

2. Don't be afraid to use your eyebrow pencil and keep it super sharp.  I have always been worried about using too much pencil on my eyebrows, but lately I have noticed what a great difference it makes when I keep it sharpened and draw it on a little heavier (but still thin and along the top of my eyebrows.)

3. USE VASELINE!!!  I don't know why it was so hard for me to just start using Vaseline rather than buy endless eye creams, makeup removers, lip balms, and lotions, but it works better than anything and it is SO much cheaper!  Just do it!  Trust me!

4. Mix up your shampoos and conditioners.  When I don't use the same ones every day they seem to work better.  I try to use a different one every two or three days.  I like to use them based on how I am going to do my hair (Sleek shampoo for wavy hair and Volume shampoo when I have a new haircut and want to do it straight- also Color Protection for most of the month after I got highlights)

5. Use foundation on your eyelids and eyelashes before applying eyeshadow and mascara.  Trust me, it will keep your shadow on longer and your eyelashes will look thicker and longer once you apply the mascara.  I use the Maybeline Dream Mousse instead of the thinner, skin-clearing Neutrogena for two reasons.  First, because it goes on smoother and second because I don't want to put anything medicated on that sensitive part of my eyes.  You could also probably use your concealer to do this too, and make sure you are moisturizing before doing this.

I hope you will try some of these and love them!
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