Jan 14, 2014


I'm sure most of you have heard of sleep sacks for babies, but have you heard of the brand BadaBoum?

Swaddling a baby has been a go-to soothing technique for generations, but in addition to requiring some blanket-origami magic to keep from coming undone, pediatricians warn that the traditional practice restricts leg movement and can have negative affects on hip-health later in life...this new simple swaddling solution...is as safe for babies and toddlers as it is soothing.

BadaBoum's Dulcet baby sleep sack is the convenient and comfortable alternative to swaddling with loose blankets. The one-piece design is made with plush, blanket-like material to keep baby comfy-cozy and features shoulder snaps and bottom zipper to allow for quick and easy changes. Not only is the Dulcet perfect for babies’ naptimes, the all-in-one design makes for constant comfort while on the go, ensuring baby stays covered and warm without restricting any natural movement. 

 Not only is the BadaBoum adorable and convenient, but it also gives me peace of mind that my baby is safer as he sleeps.  The cloud design is unisex, which I also love for new moms that may not know the gender of their baby yet, or will be having more children they can use it with.  It is great to use on the go, and especially during the cold winter.  I can't wait to try it out with my baby in March!

Thanks to BadaBoum for sponsoring this post.
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