Mar 29, 2013

Windowless Laundry Room

So we are so close to finishing our basement and one of the things I am looking forward to the most is having a couch down there right across from my laundry room that I can fold clothes on.  Our laundry room is a pretty good size, but for me to fold laundry I really like to have something to watch on T.V.  Folding laundry is SO boring!

So, my dilemma here is what to do with my laundry room that is clearly going to mostly be wasted space.  I would probably love a bigger laundry room if there was a sink, window, the whole shebang, but since it is just a washer and dryer has no windows, I don't really want to spend a lot of time in there.

Here are my ideas so far:

A laundry/cleaning room with an area for wrapping stuff and maybe sewing and craft supplies?

I would love to have a cabinet or two to keep all the cleaning supplies and laundry soaps in like these.

This is exactly what our door looks like and I love it.  I would love to add some more bead-board in the laundry room wherever possible and maybe a hanger for my ironing board like this:

Maybe add a laundry shoot upstairs somewhere that the kids can't get into or throw things down?

Since there is no window and it feels a little bit like a big closet, I would love to add some pretty lighting and maybe do a wall with some pretty wallpaper.

There are so many options when it comes to drying racks, these two are some of my favorites:

I think framing some pretty fabric would be fitting in a laundry room:

This is probably what my color scheme will be, minus the stainless steel:

Bead-board cabinets:

And this is just pretty:

image credits can be found here

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tiff said...

You make me wish I had a pretty laundry room! We've got an old house and our washer/dryer is in the kitchen!

Oh, I love the new design BTW!


Jess said...

Thanks Tiffany! I am loving the new design too! I have seen some really cute and good ideas for kitchen laundry areas on Pinterest- you should do a search and check them out!

asdasd said...
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