Mar 26, 2013

Mom Stuff

Lately I have been thinking about all the things that just help out when you are a mom.  Raising kids is HARD!  I have thought of a few things that I love to have, and want to get some of your opinions on what you here it goes:

1. A cute and easy-to-carry bag
I like ones that are open and really easy to get into.  I also like ones that don't look like diaper bags, or that aren't diaper bags.  They also need to be easy to clean and the straps need to be the right length and ones that will stay on your shoulder easily.
This cute one found here

2. Wipes
Oh my goodness, how many times have wipes spared me from embarrassment from the messes my kids have made while in public?  SO MANY.

3. Food Pouches
These are so nice to be able to grab and throw in your bag in a hurry, and also my son LOVES them.  He scarfs them down in seconds and they are a little bit better than the Saltines I grab for my breakfast on the go.

4. Comfortable Shoes and Clothes
For me this can ruin or make my day.  For some reason if I am uncomfortable I am annoyed and it makes me cranky, so before I buy anything, it HAS to be comfortable- which is why I don't always look very put-together.

5. iPad
Not only is my iPad one of my very favorite things for me, but also for Allie AND Macsen.  Allie plays games, watches Netflix, and even does some reading and learning on it.  When nothing else will calm Macsen down, I pull out the iPad and we look at pictures and watch family videos on it- it does the trick every time.  I also don't know what I would do without it at church- it has my scriptures on it, I often use it for lessons, including to play primary songs in class, and Allie uses it in sacrament meeting when it is hard to sit still. :)

And now for things that I would like to have and think would make life a little bit easier:

I really like bathtime, but I really hate kneeling on the hard and usually wet bath floor.

2. "Mom cards"  
I recently saw these at Vistaprint.  You can get some Great Deals on Vistaprint Products here.  How nice would it be to hand a card to the other moms at playgroup, or when you briefly meet another mom and hit it off but can't remember names...this would be very helpful.

This would be pretty cool.

This looks pretty awesome since my umbrella stroller is so nice and easy to carry/throw in the trunk but has no storage space and my purse hanging onto the handles causes some major tipping issues.

And this is why I think I need it:
I also want it for Macsen to watch shows while he eats (to distract him because he eats SO much more that way)

Do any of you have "Mom things" that you can't go without?

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