Mar 8, 2013

Think Positive Apparel

Think Positive Apparel has a lot to do with my opinion that what you wear influences how you act.  This is directly from their website:

"We started this clothing line as a way to showcase our interpretation of the Think Positive Apparel philosophy. We believe that given any situation, if you think positive and hold yourself capable, you are statistically more likely to achieve your desired outcome."

"ThinkPositive Apparel creates interactive designs built out of tiny, positive affirmations and philosophies. Each of our designs encourage people to know what's possible and to watch their thoughts. We believe that attitude is everything and as such being aware of our attitudes is powerful"

I totally love their philosophy!  I also love their clothing, and was ecstatic to review their black thermal hoody.  Read more about them and see all of their clothing here

Think Positive Apparel is offering one of you a $40 credit to their shop!  To enter, just use the Rafflecopter below:

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