Mar 19, 2012

Saving Yourself Some Money

There are many perks that have come along with blogging and saving money is one of them.  In "blog-land"  there are all sorts of couponing blogs that are really helpful when trying to cut back on groceries.  I had a friend that was asking about the ones that I use most often and I thought I might as well share them with all of you.  Click on each site's banner to bring you to their blog:

Now, a few of these often have the same deals and coupons, but when I am using Google Reader to go through all the blogs I follow, I often skip over some that I will catch with other posts, so I don't mind a little repetition.  

Here are the posts that I use most often to save myself some money:

1. Posts linking to grocery coupons for items that I actually buy (don't just try to buy everything with a coupon because you will end up spending more money than usual and will just waste food)

2. Posts with online deals for diapers- I have gotten as many as 300+ size 1 diapers for only $26!

3. Posts for other online deals- shopping with 2 kids is so much harder, so if there are some good deals online, I am ALL about having it sent right to my door.

4. Posts for free samples- SOMETIMES it is worth giving the company your mailing address, email, etc.  OTHER times it isn't.  You be the judge.

Hope this helps some of you save a little money!  Anyone have some favorite deal blogs they want to share? 
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1 comment:

Candice said...

Thanks for the tips Jess! I always mean to use coupons but they intimidate me a little.