Mar 7, 2012

Famous Dave's Tanning Lotion Giveaway

Being a blonde, blue-eyed girl comes with a price- my skin is blinding white in the winter.  Literally- I am buying the lightest color foundation on the shelves.  So, when I hear about sunless tanner I am definitely interested.  Many tanning lotions smell bad and look orange.  Not Famous Dave's tanning lotion!

When I put on tanning lotion, I don't have a half an hour to spend carefully applying it and waiting for it to dry- that is not worth it to me.  With Famous Dave's I simply applied it after showering and only had to wait a couple minutes to put on clothes.  It was basically just as easy as putting on lotion after showering besides having to wash my hands really good afterwards.  Famous Dave's Tanning Lotion is unscented, but still has a little bit of the scent of tanning lotion. 

I also used Famous Dave's Tanning Lotion on my face.  I simply used equal parts Famous Dave's tanning lotion and face lotion (whatever kind you prefer) and the results were awesome!  I know I am not the only one that looks much better with a little color to my face, and the natural look of Famous Dave's tanner made such a difference- especially to this sleep-deprived mom of a 3 month-old! :)

Famous Dave's has offered to give away a bottle of their tanning lotion to one of you!  Use this rafflecopter to enter:
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