Mar 12, 2012

HELLO! Skinny Jeans Giveaway!!

I have been looking for a really cute, slimming pair of black jeans for a while now.  I decided to try out HELLO Skinny Jeans because I had heard some good things about them.  I read the testimonials on their site, the 9 reasons they listed on their site why these jeans are the most slimming and flattering, and also read a couple blog reviews that had me really excited to try them.

I decided to try their BlackWash Barely Bootcut and I ordered them in a size smaller than I normally wear.  I normally wear a size 2-4 or 5's in junior sizes and a 27.  In these I ordered a size 26:

The moment I put them on I felt skinnier and much more stylish (than the sweats I just changed out of :)

The waist was not too tight and didn't create that muffin top that you often get when you put on tighter pants.  It also was a little bit higher (but not too high) so you didn't have to worry about anything showing when you bend over- something I have to do often as a mom with my kids.

 I also love that they are very comfortable.  They are stretchy but hold their shape REALLY well and hold you in in all the right places.

The barely bootcut is a very slimming cut and my husband (who hates skinny jeans may I add) really liked the cut of these and said that they actually did make me look thinner (and if you know my husband, you know he won't just tell me what I want to hear :)

You can tell when you put these jeans on that they were designed with a LOT of thought and planning.  Lucky for you HELLO Skinny Jeans has offered to give away a pair of the BlackWash Barely Bootcuts!

To enter the giveaway:

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Karena said...

I am petite so I usually need a jean or pant with a little flare to make my legs look longer. These sound really great though and since they have that slight boot cut and aren't tight all the way down, Yay!

Art by Karena

Sleepy Beauty said...

Thank you for the giveaway

GFC Bebe

sarah said...

Thank you for the giveaway

GFC: sarah