Nov 1, 2011

Photography Tips: Cards and Kids

    I don't post a lot about photography on this blog since I have a separate photography blog, but for the way I feel about photography, I just HAVE to share some tips with all of you.  My photos are some of the most valuable things to me, mostly because they preserve my memories for me since my memory isn't the best, so I love when I can share tips to help others take and preserve those memories too.

My mom sent me a VERY helpful article the other day about memory cards.  I have to say that a memory card going bad is one of my greatest fears as a photographer.  It hasn't happened to me yet, but the day that it does I am sure I will probably have a little anxiety attack. :)

Here is the article on memory cards:

If you don't want to read it, I will go over the main points:

1. Sandisk & Lexar are not the same and Sandisk will work better with some Nikons.  Do your research before buying a memory card.

2. The thing you need high-performance memory cards for most is shooting in RAW.

3. NEVER "erase all images" on your card.  ALWAYS "format" it.

4. NEVER erase the images on your card using your computer.

5. Treat your memory cards gently- they break easily.

6.  High-capacity memory cards use a TINY bit more battery life.  Its totally worth it if you need it for shooting RAW though. :)

7. Both Lexar and Sandisk professional cards come with a free program to help you recover the images if you accidentally delete them.

8. Lexar will actually let you send the card to them at no charge to recover deleted pictures.

Okay, so that is enough about memory cards...

The second topic that I have been thinking about lately is how to get good pictures of children.  I am not really that great with kids, so family sessions are always the most work for me.  I really loved this photographer's tips and tricks on how to get real smiles and expressions from kids.  Go read it if you are needing help in that area like I am- it is simple and short and really helpful.

Just curious, how many of you are interested in photography and would like more posts on that?
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Megan said...

Love these tips and tricks!! Thanks for posting!!

Karen of Little Red House Designs said...

I LOVE suggestions on better photography.

Anonymous said...

Love it Jess! You really are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, I didn't know all this about my memory card - thank you, thank you! I will go read your link as I'm curious as to why you format and not erase hmm...