Nov 25, 2011

Gift Guide: Handmade Holdiay

This year I decided instead of doing a bunch of giveaways (which was crazy and there was no way I could handle that this year) I would put together a gift guide to help you find the perfect gift...along with a few giveaways mixed in.

Today I wanted to start off with the handmade Christmas gifts for those with a strict budget this year- who isn't?  There are so many cute ideas and I wanted to share a few of my favorites:

 A bunch of great ideas from the kitchen

 Get creative with kitchen items- shop at the dollar store!

 Add some scrap fabric to a onesie for cute ruffles

 For the newlyweds you know-a sweet photo collage
OR do the same thing with a baby picture.

 This was a birthday present idea, but you could do something similar:
1 memory from friends and family on a letter, for # of years they are old.

 Homemade vanilla- this stuff tastes AMAZING.

 find more and credits to images here
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