Nov 17, 2011

Maternity Fashion: Third Trimester

I love that these are Demi Panel because I get a little uncomfortable with a full panel.  I also got them in a size bigger than I usually wear and they are even more comfortable.  They even have a little stretch to them, so if I want them to fit a little tighter I just throw them in the wash :)

Not only are these tanks SUPER comfy (super soft and stretchy fabric) but they also fit in all the right places and disguise the extra love handles we get when we are pregnant.  I also love that they are the perfect length and I wear my brown/tan colored one under EVERYTHING.

I really like v-necks to begin with, but I also love that these are not so tight that they hug every inch of my body.  They have been a favorite looser fit in the second trimester and are now a "just right fit" in my third.  They come in so many colors and all the ones I have were about $6 on clearance.

My Milan Maternity Cardigan:

You can read the review on this cardigan I wrote here, but I will just say that it fits beautifully and feels great on my skin.  Just the right amount of warmth that I need right now when I randomly get really hot and uncomfortable for no apparent reason :P

And for those of you who are pregnant, or know someone who is, hurry and enter the giveaways I have going on right now for Maternity Clothing:

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beckaboots said...

Love all of these. They make me want to be pregnant again! Haha :)

If Work Permits

Mindy said...

That dress is gorgeous! I'd wear it preggo or not. I'm 35 weeks and just went to a wedding two weeks ago. I wish I saw this sooner.