Feb 21, 2011

Shoe Week

I have 2 great shoe giveaways for you this week, so why not make it shoe week?  I think I become more of a shoe gal as I get older...not sure why.  Here are a few that I have been drooling over lately:

I've been wanting these since Christmas:

And how about these cute running shoes:

Happy Presidents' Day!
I am having lunch with friends and a date with my hubby today - lucky me! :)

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Jamie said...

I am sooo excited for shoe week!!! I'm a sucker for all shoes ;)

Reunion Committee said...

love love shoes.. all kinds. Show week is genius!
oh and have fun today..

Erin said...

I love the boots, but I never end up buying any for myself. Living in Florida, you only wear them a short period of time. However, I am a New York girl at heart and one of these days, I will fill up my closet just because! lol

Salonie said...

Gorgeous!! I love, absolutely LOVE the boots :D