Feb 17, 2011

FTF Valentine's Wrap-up

I hope you all had a lovely V-day and got to spend it with the people you love.  I had an especially good Valentine's Day this year and thought I should share; since these kinds of things are my VERY favorites.

Allie has been sick with colds and flus all month and so we haven't been able to go on any dates.  Luckily we have had Lost (TV Series) to keep us occupied while we are quarantined inside, but I have to admit I am coming down with quite the case of cabin fever.  I think my husband realized this and brought me and Allie home some fun Valentine's Day surprises.  

Allie got a balloon, stickers, and a sweet little Valentine's puppy (stuffed of course.)
Then he made us dinner (his own made up recipe that was quite delicious) and brought home a red velvet cake for dessert (which I had mentioned to him quite a while ago that I had been craving.)

Then Trey had me close my eyes while he brought in the grand finale:

An area rug!  Shag, light, and so soft!  Best gift ever!  I am one lucky girl.

And now for some awesome features from last week:

These valentine's cupcakes from Creations From My Heart:

 This amazing nursery and some knock-off curtains from Scissors and Spatuals:

 This lollipop holder from Sandy's Space:

 This corsage from Less than Perfect Life of Bliss:

A guest room shared by House to Your Home

A yummy brownie recipe from Dining With Debbie

A painting Machelle is working on from Machelle Reeves Blankenship
( I love her hair!)

A favorite winding road from Sweet European Dreams

A pottery barn knockoff from Finding My Aloha

I wish I could share so many more from last week - I really enjoy reading all of them!

Please share your favorite things from the week:

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Sandy Ang said...

So thrilled to see my lollipop holder featured !

Jill said...

Linking up again this week! Thanks for hosting!
That corsage was my favourite from last week - just brilliant!


Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for the feature! Grabbing a button now. :)
Scissors & SPatulas

Julie said...

Thanks so much for featuring my corsage!

Justine said...

that is a very nice rug! i just want to lay on it and make a carpet angle :)

Just Better Together

Sweet European Dreams said...

I'm not sure which I would be more thrilled over - the area rug or the red velvet cake - both are yummy! Thanks so much for featuring me this week - very exciting! -diane

Laurie from Laurie Jones Home said...

Thanks so much for the feature Jess! Your husband did good this Valentine's Day!! (;

Unknown said...

I really appreciate the feature:) Thanks so much for that. I'm enjoying hopping around your blog. It is so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog & love it! from your newest follower:


Brian's mom said...

Love your new rug! And what a gorgeous clock! You have great taste.

Anonymous said...

nice photo's!
the cake looks yummie :)