Feb 24, 2011

Planning a Pretty Party and FTF

Call me crazy, but I have been planning Allie's 3rd birthday party since last year...kinda.  I won a party in a box from a giveaway and since I didn't have any parties in mind, I decided to use it for Allie's 3rd birthday.  See, I am the worst mom ever and haven't had an "official" birthday party for Allie yet.  So, I am turning a new leaf, and, I also have been dying to photograph a party so that's a little bit of a motivation too :)

I was totally into aqua, light yellow, and coral at the time, those are the colors I decided to use.  And, since it is a birthday party for a 3 year old girl, I had to throw pink in the mix too.  Here are some pics of the colors I plan to use:

And now I need your help!  If you have any good ideas or pretty inspiration photos for this please send them my way!! 


I will share them here on my blog, with a link to yours, if you would like too!  Thanks!

Also, please take my quick 2 question survey about A Few of My Favorite Things so I know what you guys like!  Thanks!

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Unknown said...

I enjoy following your blog and have chosen it for the “One Lovely Blog Award.” You may pick up your award @ http://ponderdeeply.blogspot.com/2011/02/impact-of-tiny-impression.html


Candice said...

Hey Jess, my aunt throws awesome birthday parties and she loves this site


Hope it helps!

Kelsey@RedefiningDomestic said...

Thanks for the linky party! I am so embarrassed I misspelled Anthropologie! I promise I know how to spell it!

Unknown said...

What a terrific discovery your blog is! It's absolutely delightful!

Katie said...

I LOVE your color choices! Everything in these photos looks so pretty, you've got a great starting point. For my daughter's 4th birthday last year, I ordered these cute starfish "mermaid wands" made out of glycerin soap on a long stick. I ordered them off etsy and they were only a dollar each and came wrapped with a cute tag. They made great party favors and cute decorations in a vase on the table during the party. My daughter's party theme was mermaids. This shop had so many different ideas for little scented soaps on a stick. if you're interested let me know and i"ll get you the link. -Katie (miamoodesigns.blogspot.com) PS. You can find my daughter's party on my blog under the June archive :)