Feb 11, 2010

How to Get Everything You Want on a Tight Budget

A few of you may remember my Christmas Wishlist post from just before Christmas. I ended up with about $130 to spend on the extra things I wanted...and came pretty close to getting everything.

For those of you that love the brand names, this post probably isn't for you. Even I like nice things, but am happier with quantity rather than quality, especially when it comes to trendy pieces of clothing or accent decor for my apartment that changes every few months.

That being said, here are the places I like to shop (for those extra things...and by extra I mean non-essential :) on a VERY strict budget, and what I shop for at each place:

Ross: handbags, clothing, shoes, home decor (mainly window treatments, greenery, bathroom accessories, mirrors and frames.)

Secondhand Stores: mostly home decor and furniture (especially frames, mirrors, and wicker baskets) baby clothes too.

Target: clothing and shoes (especially clearance racks)

Old Navy: clothing (clearance racks)

Love Culture, Forever 21, and Aeropostale: Clothing

Some of my friends HATE shopping at some of these stores since you have to spend more time going through racks of stuff, but for me that is part of the fun. I like the "treasure hunt" aspect of it.

Here is what I ended up buying with my $130 for Christmas:

Cute cowboy boots from Ross $16Fake leather handbag from Ross $16
Daisy Fuentes Aviator Sunglasses from Ross $6Long Grey Stretchy Cardigan with pockets $15 from Fred Meyer
White long-sleeved slubby knit tee from Forever 21.com $6 plus $6 shipping and handlingBlack skinny Jeans from Aeropostale $15Love Culture Navy Blue Pea Coat with detachable hood $30
Christmas Decorations and cards for next year at Target and Walmart $30

The cubic zirconia stud earrings I ended up getting from my sister. She also gave me a bunch of clothes she didn't want anymore. My friends Mike and Misty gave me some really comfy pajama bottoms, and my mom bought me some yoga pants (great because I practically live in my pajamas.)

I might be putting some outfits together with some of this stuff and taking some pics. I am on a mission to define my style and make some cute outfits with the clothes I have. This is something I have ALWAYS struggled with.

So dish, what do you think of my crazy cheap spending? Am I horrible for getting low-quality stuff just so I can have it? What are your spending habits?
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Donna said...

Love those aviators!!!

Fister Family said...

Great job Jessica! I definitely agree with your theory about going cheap on trendy things. I'm willing to spend more on things that are going to stand the test of time, but for things that are going to have a short life, I shop Old Navy and Target clearance. I will invest more money in quality furniture, but a lot of my home decor is from Target. For clothes, have you heard of Old Navy Weekly? I never shop Old Navy without a coupon since I found it.

Danielle said...

Great bargain shopping! I love the sport too :) Ross is such an awesome store for their handbags. Don't know if you have TJ Maxx/Marshalls nearby but they have awesome home accents for great price too. That's where I usually find vases, vase filler and random little things.

stacey said...

I spend money on quality staples like jeans, coats and sometimes shoes and bags. It really depends on how much I want them, can jusify it etc. Most of my clothes and accessories come from Target and Forever 21 though. I do buy a lot from Shade and Down East too, but I only buy from clearance or warehouse sales from them. I only shop at Ross or TJ Maxx for shoes because I don't really like hunting for my clothes. Macy's and Dillard's have amazing clearance deals at the end of each season so sometimes I'll check those out, but honestly, I do most of shopping at Target and F21. I do like a good bargain. :)

4thelove! said...

I hit my favorite thrift store today and found loads of great little buys! I agree, it's fun to look through the chaos and find a fabulous buy!

Crystal Spencer said...

I <3 ROSS!!!!

Justine said...

I love Ross and Marshalls and TjMaxx and Walmart! I have no shame for shopping there and I totally understand how you feel about the treasure hunt! I love it.

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