Feb 18, 2010

Studio Lighting Photowalk

Last Saturday Adrian and I went to a Photowalk on Studio Lighting together in Draper.

I mostly use natural light when I shoot, so this was all pretty new to me.

I think I learned a lot about my style as a photographer, and it also opened my eyes to all the techniques in studio lighting.

I only took a few shots at each station...that being said, here is what I ended up with:

I have played with some lighting setups since, and will be posting some of my experiments soon!
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ammunk said...

Good work! I can't wait to see what you have been experimenting with!

Jamie Clark said...

These are cool Jess!

Danielle said...

Great shots! I really like the ones with the white backgrounds. The models just pop.

Fister Family said...

Great pictures! The guitar dude is my favorite:) I would like to play around with studio light sometime. Right now I am really only comfortable with natural light. I look forward to seeing your experiments!

Marc and Kim Wheeler said...

How fun! I love the ones with the guy and his guitar jumping. Great job.