Dec 8, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffer Ideas

One of my favorite things to do for Christmas is find cute little gifts for my kids' stockings.  I usually give myself a budget of $10-$20 per stocking and will pick a few nicer items then fill the rest with things like oranges, candy, and things I already have to buy anyway like toothbrushes and toothpaste!  Mean right?!  Haha!  Here are some of my favorite things to stuff stocking with:

1. Art Stuff

I love to gift the kids with things that encourage creativity- like crayons, colored pencils, even playdough.  My kids are getting a lot of play-dough this year and they range from age 2-8 years old.

2. Accessories

I love gifting accessories to my kids since they are something I consider extra and don't usually buy.  My favorites are bowties for the boys and hair ties for Allie.  These invisibobbles are a great idea if you also want to include movie tickets to the new Trolls movie- the kids would go crazy over that!

juDanzy also has some really cute options:

I love their glitter bows and I got the red ones to go with Allie's red Christmas dress.  I also love their neckties and caps for the boys!  They would be such great additions to any Christmas outfits and as a photographer I can tell you that they would really add a lot to your family photos!

3. Hats and Gloves

I love the pebble company because they help Hathay Bunano artisans with their business.  They have the cutest hats and toys ever!  These would be great gifts for baby cousins too!

4. A Little Candy

Our favorite candy to stuff stockings with are the gold coins- they just say Christmas for some reason and look like something that would come from the North Pole!

5. An Orange

This is a family tradition and I am sure our ancestors got oranges in their stockings too!  Helps simplify Christmas a little and remind us of our heritage.

Hope these ideas will help you stuff your kids's stockings this year!

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