Dec 2, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Guys and Novica $50 GC Giveaway!

1. An Awesome Box

You can never tell the men in your life how much you love and appreciate them enough, and these Awesome Boxes are a perfect way to do it.  Not only are they really nice and personable, but they also make it SUPER easy to get a lot of people involved - perfect for fathers, grandfathers, teachers, etc.   You won't believe the nice quality and how great they look when you see it in person.  I made one for my parents this last year and this year we are making one for our grandparents who have TONS of grand-kids and great-grand-kids and hopefully will love the messages and photos we send.

2. Novica Gift

There are so many cool and original gifts you can find on Novica.  Not only will your guy love it, but it also goes to help artists all around the world in 3rd world countries. You can read about their mission here

Artisans from around the world (many living in rural communities) don't have the means to sell their work on the international market. NOVICA gives them a free platform to do this, and reach customers on a global scale.

3. Camping Gear

Coleman is always my first choice for camping gear.  I LOVE LOVE the sleeping bag I got last summer from Coleman and also a lantern.  I have also received an inflatable boat that I cannot WAIT to give my husband for Christmas- he obsessed with fishing so he will freak out.  They also have some awesome Stearns Neoprene Gloves for the avid fisherman in your family.  Let's hope he doesn't read this blog post and spoil his Christmas haha!

If you have an outsdoorsy husband, camping gear is the ultimate gift- they get all sorts of excited about the adventures they will have and this gift also says "I give you permission to leave for the weekend to camp." OR "I'm willing to go camping with you even though I don't love it" depending on the kind of girl you are ;)

4. Adjustable Weights

My husband has been wanting these for years.  These are under $150!

5.  Tools

Who's husband doesn't want tools?  You can never have too many right? ;)  I have seen SO MANY good deals on tools this year- I think that this time of year is the best to buy them.

To enter the Novica G.C. Giveaway, use the rafflecopter below:

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LauraJJ said...

Oh they have such nice things! So hard to choose! I think I would buy the Blue Topaz and Rainbow Moonstone Gemstone Station Bracelet, 'Misty Sky' for my mom for her birthday! That is so pretty! She would love it.

the cape on the corner said...

i love their jewelry!

Unknown said...

I really like the Artisan Crafted Wristband Sodalite Bracelet, 'Infinite Blue'.

Linda H said...

I would get a leather or embroidered handbag for my mother.