Aug 31, 2016

Current Fashion Faves

I thought I would share my favorite pieces right now so you can grab a couple while you still can!

1) No Boundaries U-neck Tee

I am obsessed with these tees right now.  I bought one in every color.  They are so soft and comfy and fit just right!

2. Halftee

 I love wearing lace right now and this Halftee is perfect to stay modest but also to be able to wear all of the lace pieces I want!  I also plan on using it for Halloween this year since it is so hard to find a modest costume.  It makes every top or dress modest and that makes shopping easier for me!

3. Gold Birkenstocks

My new faux birks are so fun!  They are a gold and they are very glittery.  I got them on clearance too!  

4. Ralph Lauren Tote

I also just bought this at a fraction of the price on BonTon.  I have been wanting this bag for years but didn't need it.  When I saw this deal for $30 it was a no-brainer!

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