Aug 22, 2016

Back to School Gear

I have found some really great back-to-school gear for my kids this year and thought I would share!  

1. Stride Rite Light-up Shoes Leepz

Macsen is obsessed with these shoes!  Usually getting my kids to put on their shoes and get out the door is SUCH a pain and a struggle, but ever since he got these shoes he loves putting his shoes on!  Not to mention they fit him great and he loves wearing them and showing off how they light up!

2. Cat & Jack Target Line

Almost all of Allie's school clothes this year came from Cat & Jack.  They are SO cute and SO affordable!  After getting a bunch at the store I even got online and bought more!

3. Backpacks from Walmart

Walmart has had the best prices on backpacks by far!  I am impressed with how cute they are too!  They aren't the most durable, but when you are buying a new one every shcool year anyway, you don't need them to last you years, right?

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