Mar 22, 2016

Make a Free and Easy Crib Teether

Some of you may recognize this eyesore found in many houses on many cribs...You know this one:

Jensen's crib had HAD it - I had done some touch-up painting a couple times but it would only last for a little while and I was worried about Jensen eating paint (and wood) when he chewed on it.  So I went to Pinterest for some ideas and added my own touches.

First I found a piece of fleece fabric in the length of the crib and cut it about 8 inches wide.  I held it up to the crib to see how far to space the slits based on where the rungs were on my crib.  The 2 long strips are left to tie in between each rung.

I folded it in half "hot dog style" and cut these all the way down- not even measuring (just eyeing it) because I knew that the fleece would stretch where I needed it to.

I opened the piece back up and set it on the crib, tying it all the way across with double knots (single knots came apart easier)  Then I went back and tucked in any extra fabric hanging on each rung.

Ahhh SOOOO much better!

Now Jensen won't be eating paint and wood when he chews on his crib and it doesn't look like we live in a zoo ;)

Sidenotes: You can go to any fabric store and get a long strip of fleece for about $1.  Just make sure you measure your crib before you go! :)

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