Mar 16, 2016

Easiest Blackout Curtains for $15!

After having 3 kids and Allie starting school early in the morning my kids bedtime became VERY important to me!  Haha!  Allie and I used to stay up til 1am sometimes when my husband was working full time AND in school full time just so we could see him.  After Macsen came along bedtime was still pretty late- around 9/10pm.  It makes me laugh to say that my kids are now rarely out of their beds later than 8 and I usually get them in their beds at 7!  It is AWESOME and keeps me sane, but when the sun starts hanging around later it created a little bit of a problem- that is, until I made their black out curtains.

I was in a huge hurry to get these up so I figured out the fastest and cheapest way to make them and they look GREAT!  

For the rods I bought these white tension rods at Walmart but you could even use a shower curtain rod or hang a normal curtain rod if you like.  Most people are going to need to use a tension rod so these can go behind your normal curtains and close to the window to keep the light out. These were $7 each.

Then I looked through my box of hardware in the garage and found 2 packages of curtain clips that I already had.  You can buy these so many places, but I think that IKEA has them for about $1-$2 or if you want them to be a little prettier Ross might have some great options.

Lastly, I waited until JoAnne's Fabrics had a 40% off coupon and I bought about 2 1/2 yards of this blackout fabric.  I measured the windows before going and brought my measuring tape so I could only buy what I needed without have lots of extra left over.  I think I spend about $10 total.

To hang them all I had to do was cut the fabric to the dimensions of the windows, slide all the hangers on the rods before putting them up, put the curtain rods as close to the window as possible (to keep the most light out), and then clip the tops of the curtains starting in the middle, then outsides, then working my way in to space them out evenly- took me about ten minutes!

Sorry these aren't the best photos- I will get better ones soon...

Total cost of 2 windows for me was $24!

For any of you to do your own window, plan on around $15 depending on size.  

My only other advice is DO IT NOW- I wish I had done it sooner! ;)
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1 comment:

Jamie Clark said...

Blackout curtains are the best! Jane had been getting up at 6 am. The day after we put her blackout curtains up she slept until 9! So, there were probably other factors in there, but hey, I'll take it!