Feb 3, 2016

5 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

Wow this winter has SUCKED in Utah.  I DO NOT like this much snow.  It's pretty and fun for the first 2 months, then it just gets REALLY old.  If you can't tell this winter has been difficult for me- not just because of bad weather but because I haven't felt great.  The last month has been a time of trying some new things to help with the tiredness, boredom, sickness, etc.  I think I have found some great tips that can help beat those winter blues:

1. Vitamin D

This has to be the thing I've done that has made the BIGGEST difference for me.  I went to the doctor because I had gained 5-10 lbs and every day at 2pm I was SO tired I had to just lay in bed because I felt like I couldn't do anything else.  My doctor found my vitamin D levels to be pretty low and suggested me taking a supplement.  I have noticed a HUGE difference and I think it mostly has to do with the Vitamin D, along with a little more/different exercise I have added to my daily regime.

A FUN way to get the Vitamin D you need is through these Adora chocolates.

2. Make Plans

I have found that if I schedule a date night for me and Trey, I look forward to it all month- it makes dealing with daily annoyances (aka children) easier ;)  Another thing we like to schedule is movie night with the whole family (and sometimes just me and Trey.) When we make one night a week movie night the whole family its an opportunity to snuggle, get warm, relax, and only costs the price of a redbox and doesn't cost you any calories too.  The kids LOVE movie night and get excited for it days before.  Even better- make movie night plans with your family and friends or just get together for dinner with all of them for a fun night.  For me having all my favorite people around = happiness.

4. Exercise

This is something I love to be consistent about doing, but can hit a plateau on so easily.  Lately I have been adding more sprinting into my treadmill runs. along with weight lifting/circuit training and it has made a lot of difference in my energy.  I also do 2 workouts a day on the days my husband works late so I can get caught up on my shows and not feel guilty about being lazy ;)

Our Disneyland trip from last year was SO fun and made the winter so much shorter- getting outside also helps my mood, but not so much when its 20 degrees, which is why a warm winter escape is so amazing and rejuvenating. 

5. Plan/Go on a Vacation

Vacations don't have to be really expensive or extravagant and can make a WORLD of difference in breaking up the long months of winter.  Anytime we have company come or go to visit a friend or family I look forward to it all month.  And, anytime we plan a really fun trip to CA or somewhere else warm in the middle of winter I look forward to it for months!  I am planning on a post talking about how I get the best deals on traveling soon- I will link that here as soon as I do!  Basically, I like to save up money from Christmas and part of tax returns to go on a trip in Jan-March and it works out pretty well.  Even just planning a trip gets me excited and helps beat those long weeks of winter.

I hope you are all finding joy in the little things and not letting the winter blues get to you!

More tips for dealing with winter here:

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