Apr 1, 2013


Since Macsen LOVES food pouches, and is such a picky eater, I thought I would like to try this new product made especially for the food pouches.

The PouchPopTM allows for a natural transition from bottle to food, teaches self-feeding and best of all it takes the “ouch out of the pouch”! Created by a father of three after observing his youngest son struggle with the standard baby food pouch straw, the PouchPop provides a more soothing and less messy feeding solution.  The PouchPop is made with safe hospital grade silicone and is naturally BPA free. The convenient, universal fit is easy to use and reuse.

The one concern I had with these PouchPops was that they would be annoying to clean.  I took a very messy one off and ran some water over it- all the food came right off!  It took a whole 3 seconds under warm water to clean it!

If your baby is having a hard time with the food pouches and loves them as much as mine, you can buy them here.

Or, if you are lucky, you will win a set of the PouchPops by using the Rafflecopter below to enter:

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