Apr 29, 2013

KOKOON Clothing Giveaway!

I am so excited to introduce you to a clothing boutique today!  "KOKOON is a fashionable lifestyle clothing line known for their feminine, contemporary designs aimed towards busy, modern women. Featuring a variety of soft knits, vibrant and sophisticated prints, and mostly limited edition designs, KOKOON offers women an alternative to mass-produced, cookie-cutter style."

I love this!  And, everything I got to sample from KOKOON was comfortable and stylish, and something that I would actually wear a lot as a busy stay-at-home mom!  Here are the pieces I got to review:

These cardigans:
I love the length and the detail on this brown one.

And this grey striped one has really cute ruffles and is a really cute fit.

This sweater:
I am also obsessed with over-sized tops and grey clothing and this sweater is both of those things and super cozy.

And one of you will be lucky to win a $100 KOKOON gift card!

Just use the rafflecopter below to enter:

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Unknown said...

I like the 1st Date shirt.

Sweet Parrish Place said...

How cute they all are!