Jan 5, 2012

VS Semi-Annual Sale

Today I am anxiously awaiting the UPS guy to get here...he is bringing me all the clothes I bought online from the Victoria's Secret Sale!  I can hardly wait to try everything on and decide what I am keeping and what I am returning. 

Here is what will be in my box:

Things change when you have kids- I love to go shopping and try everything on sometimes twice to make my decisions.  Now it is so much more convenient to shop online and just return what I don't like.  Any of you experiencing this?  

Oooh!  I think I hear the truck!! :)
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Wendy said...

Love it! I especially love the color of that cardigan!! :) ((If you decide you don't want it, feel free to send it my way haha!))

parenting articles said...

wow! those are really lovely clothes. really love the color on the 2nd picture

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