Jan 7, 2012

Halo Sleep Sack Review

 As I am a very paranoid mother (especially with new babies) I have always worried about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.)  To me this would be the scariest and saddest thing that could happen and my heart breaks every time I hear about it happening to a family.  Of course I wanted to take any precaution I could with this new baby, and had heard about Halo Sleep Sacks as a way of preventing it.

"With the American Academy of Pediatrics now saying “no” to crib bumpers, HALO Innovations is introducing its own Safe Sleep Crib Set™ designed to create an attractive and safe sleep environment for babies.

The five-piece HALO Safe Sleep Crib Set™ consists of a HALO SleepSack wearable blanket, SleepSack Swaddle, both in 100% cotton; two coordinating crib sheets in soft cotton jersey; and a matching crib skirt. 

“Too often parents ‘overdress’ the crib with a quilt and bumpers, both of which can pose a breathing threat for baby,” comments Bill Schmid, founder Halo Innovations.  The Halo SleepSack and SleepSack Swaddle are the only things a baby needs in the crib to stay warm and sleeping safely, and the soft jersey sheet provides a snug fit on the mattress. 

The new HALO Safe Sleep Crib Set will be available in stores mid February and comes in six patterns including pink, blue and neutral tones."

These are so cute and so much safer for babies than loose blankets.  I have also heard from multiple parents that they help their kids sleep better and longer through the night because they swaddle their baby so well. 
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