Dec 28, 2011

Shopping List

Did any of you get money for Christmas and are just anxious to spend it?  My sisters, mom, and I didn't get the chance to go shopping together like we usually do, so I am waiting until I see them again in January to buy the things on my list.  Currently they are:

Long tees and tanks to go under things:
I also like the necklace and blazer...

 Leg warmers/long socks:
I also love that sweater...

A form-fitting sweater dress:

 A sequin sweater?

Cute blazer:

Chambray top and sequin tank:

 I'm holding off on buying pants until the baby weight is off, but tops are always my favorite to buy anyways :)

What's on your Christmas money shopping list right now?  Maybe I need to add a few things to mine...

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Michelle said...

I love all of this! Very cute.

Val said...

The second look is a very cozy-dreamy look!

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

I am waiting for the sillhouette cameo's to have another promotion so I can use my Christmas money! :) Clothes are fun too, but I'm six months pregnant and am NOT buying maternity clothes with Christmas money. :) I like the sweater dress too, very cute!

beckaboots said...

I love that sweater too! And the sparkly sequins would be perfect for new years!

If Work Permits

erinj0 said...

I am definitely looking for a cute new years eve outfit! In general, I want a couple sequin tanks to go under cardigans and blazers for work! Love these looks and I too, love looking on Pinterst! There is always something new I am dying to try on or have :)

Have a wonderful new year!

Karena said...

I am looking for a sweater dress/ tunic length to wear over jeans or black pant!

Art by Karena