Dec 4, 2011

BeautyMint Review

BeautyMint is a skin care line that "combines the right products in the right way...specifically for your skin."

"The way we care for our skin requires an individualized approach, matching specific problems with targeted solutions. BeautyMint Skin Care starts with you. By getting to know you through Nerida's Skin Care Consultation - the same one she uses at her Beverly Hill's clinic - we will provide you with a customized skin care system.

The ingredients in BeautyMint's advanced formulas work
together to create skin care synergy, targeting the specific skin
issues that differ from person to person. But the
results don't just come from the products alone. It's the way we
combine them that helps you achieve beautiful, protected,
youthful-looking skin."

Jessica Simpson has teamed up with skin care expert Nerida Joy to bring us a great skin care line at a great price.

I was sent the following products:

Essential Cleanser
Ultra Replenishing Serum
 Resurfacing Treatment
Strengthening Hydrator

I have used the products for about 3 weeks now and I am pleased with the results.  I have a couple dark spots (from pregnancy) that are fading and my skin tone seems to be a little more even.  I also have had really clear skin for the past few weeks- not that normal for me.  I haven't used the Strengthening Hydrator much yet, since I haven't been outside in the sun hardly at all, but I have been using the Ultra Replenishing Serum and it seems to do well with my skin (which also isn't common for me and lotions.)

The only complaints I have about the skin care line is lack of directions (they keep it really simple and for someone like me who knows little about skin care, I need more in depth instructions.)  I also have to be careful about how often I use the Resurfacing Treatment, as it tends to dry my skin out a little.  Other than those two things, I love the line and would definitely recommend it to my friends!

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