Jul 22, 2011

Maternity Fashion for the First Trimester

So I am sorry I haven't had a fashion post on here for so long!  When you are growing a baby inside your body you don't really get that excited to go shopping :)  However, maternity fashion has been forcing me to get creative and wear clothes that I normally wouldn't.  I have been loving some of the styles out there right now incorporated into maternity clothes.  Here are some of my faves for the first trimester:

Loose Tees
These were my best friends in the world when I was in the awkward stage of "not quite pregnant but pretty thick around the middle."  Thanks for helping me find some Mom. :)
via Good Life for Less

I love wearing them with shorts.
via Good Life for Less

I also love wearing them with my tight Love21 maternity bootcut jeans that are my favorite pair of maternity pants EVER and only set me back fifteen bucks.

Ruffly Top
I bought a Forever 21 ruffle top a while ago and love that it disguises my not-quite-there-yet baby belly.  I wore it a lot in the Spring with a number of cardigans.

I bought a super cute sweatshirt (pink and grey) I have had my eye on since Christmas and I wear it every night pretty much, when I change into my grey maternity yoga capris.  The little bit of lace in the back makes me feel a little less than frumpy. :)  The only problem is that now I want the green one too. :(

Now that I am actually showing I am transitioning into some different styles...more on that in a later post.
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Unknown said...

Such great looks for your growing belly! Those T-Shirts look amazing! I'd love to wear them pregnant or not! :)


Kasas_Aka said...
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Jenna Duty said...


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