Jul 28, 2011

Flash Photography Made Simple

Have you heard of Lightscoop?  For all of you that take pictures inside and just can't get your flash to do what you want it to- this is for you. 

Lightscoop is so easy to use.  In fact, I didn't even watch the instructional video.  I just clipped it on my camera and started shooting. 

I think Lightscoop is ideal for those that want an even flash for those indoor pictures you take on a weekly basis.  As a mom, there are so many moments indoors that I would like to capture, especially of my daughter, that I just don't have time to add my huge external flash to get.  The Ligthscoop is light and small enough that I can simply leave it on my camera ready to use.

Here are a couple pictures I took to compare my on camera flash and my on camera flash with Lightscoop:

Before Lightscoop:

(harsher light and red eye)

After Lightscoop:

(softer light and no red eye!)

I would definitely recommend Lightscoop to all of my friends that want a soft flash without all the hassle and expense of an off-camera flash.
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Anonymous said...

She is looking more and more like your husband I think!

Natalie Smith said...

She totally looks like her daddy!!!
Which flash cover were you using? They are offering 2 kinds online.