Jul 1, 2010

lilsteinstyles Giveaway!

I don't know about all of you, but I feel like there are babies everywhere right now.  This giveaway is for all the babies in your life.  Cristil, owner of lilsteinstyles, explains this great product.

Germie Stopper Stroller or Car Seat Sign:

"This itty bitty was inspired by my beautiful twins. After spending time in the NICU and being scared to death of germs getting to my babies I knew that I needed a nice & polite way to ask or tell people to please not touch my babies. Germs are out there & they can be scary to any children no matter what the age. These little signs can be attached to almost anything. Some like them some don’t but we LOVE them… Each tag is totally unique, not one made alike and come with a hanging link…"

 Isn't this a great idea?  I thought it was...

Anyways, Cristil has offered to give 4 winners a Germ Stopper!

Please leave a comment for each of the following you do:
1. Follow lilsteinstyles blog.
2. Like lilsteinstyles on facebook 
3. Heart lilsteinstyles in Etsy.

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a little bit of everything said...

I am now following lilsteinstyles blog

Andrea said...

This would be great for my new mom/baby themed Blogmania giveaway coming up soon! Count me in. I'm following them!

Andrea said...

Liked them on facebook as...Andrea Jorgensen

Andrea said...

♥ them on etsy.

aydenavaalismom said...

"like" them on facebook! very good idea!
denelle taylor