Jun 26, 2020

Perfect Balance

Wouldn't it be great if you could just be given the perfect balance of fitness and health for your body type that would make you feel and look your best? I think this is the goal for most people when they start on their own health journey.  For me, my fitness and health journey started really young, you can read more about it here

In the last year I have been trying new things that I haven't tried before and I am learning more and more about what works and what doesn't.  I wish it was as easy as calories in calories out, but for some reason it just isn't.

Since Aug/Sept.  I have been lifting weights and intermittent fasting.  It has worked really well, but starting this year and through quarantine I have not stuck to my diet as well as I could have and I have noticed that I have started to bulk up more than I like with the heavier weights I was moving up to.

I am learning that my body type builds muscle very easily and I have to be careful about not lifting too heavy if I don't want to bulk up.  So, I started a new regime last month and I am already happier with how its working for me.

I started looking into things I could do that wouldn't bulk my muscles.  Disclaimer***There are a few different main body types and not all of them bulk up easily like mine, so don't think that you can't life heavy because I have a lot of friends that do and they love it and don't get bulky. I wish I could keep lifting heavy because I love it, but I hate getting bulky and my clothes not fitting- just my own personal preference***

I discovered Rachael Attard and she had the EXACT same weight lifting experience as I did!  I could have written her experience myself.  Go check out her free information and videos (if you are bulking up and not getting the results you want from weight lifting) because she has a lot of great stuff, and I will share my new regime once I figure out what works for me.

Combining Rachael Attard/s exercises along with some yoga I am slowly figuring out what works best for my body type and to be in the kind of shape I prefer to be in.

Perfect Balance activewear has been really great for beginning to learn yoga.  Their leggings have rubberized landmarks to show you how to properly align yourself and also keep you in place so you don't slip- which is so helpful! If you are wanting to get into yoga- they are a great brand to start out with.

Their clothing is also really flattering and modest- not see-through and the sports bra has a higher neckline. I love that they allow me to move any way I need with no adjustments needed!

I am excited to continue to work on balancing my health and fitness and sharing with you the things I find that work best!

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