Oct 5, 2019

Woodland Manufacturing for Business Lettering

I am so excited to start sharing all of the DIY projects I got to do in the studio this next month!  I am going to start with Woodland Manufacturing because it was the EASIEST DIY EVER!

Step One:  Order the letters you want on Woodland Manufacturing.  Their website is so easy to use and makes it simple. Go check it out: https://www.woodlandmanufacturing.com/unpainted-wood-letters-mdf.html

Step Two:  Stick the gorilla tape on the back of each letter and put-on the wall in desired location.

Step Three:  Admire your "project" if it can even be called that.  It was so easy!

These letters really do make the rooms!

As you can see they look good in all different lighting and at different times of the day.

Seriously, lettering can make SUCH an impact on a room, cost you less than most projects, and takes you just minutes.  Take a look at their website for other ideas too.


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