Jun 7, 2018

Entertaining Kids in the Summer

Now that my kids are 10,6, and 4, we have a few summers under our belt and I feel like I have learned a few things and figured out what works best for our summer and keeping the kids (generally) happy.  First of all, we always do our outings for the day in the mornings.  It isn't 100 degrees yet, the kids are all energized and ready to go, and there are less people in all the public places (can you tell I don't like crowds?)  Then, after a couple or few hours (or even an entire day) we come home and have time to relax in the air conditioned house for a while (quite time/tv time/resting time) and still an hour or so to do chores, clean up the house, and make dinner.  This schedule works out so great for us!

Here are some of the things my kids are loving this summer:

1. The reservoir/lake/beach:

This obviously depends on where you live, but you would be surprised what lies around you if you really look!  My kids love to hang out around water, play in the sand and swim a little, and I love to lay on any beach and relax!

2. Splash pads/parks:

Last year we drove around our town one Spring day to check out all the parks and decide which were our favorites.  You can also do a park a day and spend an hour or two.  Make sure you bring snacks and water!  Or even a picnic or pizza!

3. State/county Fun Pass

Our state has a pass that gets you into all sorts of fun places.  We haven't done it yet, mostly because of the avoiding crowds thing, but a TON of my friends get them every year and love it.

4. Library

My kids love the library.  Not only is it good for books, but movies and CDs to listen to in the car!  Plus, they always have summer programs that get the kids reading more.

5. Rockets

We got these Stomp Rockets to review and my boys are OBSESSED.  They play with them almost every day and their friends all come to join in the fun.  They have spent HOURS playing with these and we have only had them a week or two.

6. Frisbees/footballs in the park
self-explanatory.  I use this time to get a workout in too.

7. A hike a week

We haven't started this yet, but my friend and I are going to get together with the kids and do one hike every week.  So excited about it!

8. Running errands & a treat

Anytime I need to take the kids to run errands I get them a treat afterwards if they are good.  It is a 50/50 chance it works out well haha!

9. The pool-self explanatory :)

10. Free Museums

In Utah we have a free admission museum the kids love in Provo.  I know that a lot of museums are free or pretty low admission and are worth the money for an hour or entertainment and a little education!

11.  Movie Passes

This summer our movie theater did a discounted movie pass for older kids movies.  Totally worth it for the theater experience at the price of renting a movie!!

I hope this gives some of you some ideas.  I think the idea is that if you are having fun with your kids, you are all going to enjoy your time more together in the summer- so get out and have fun!
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