May 22, 2017

Living Room Additions

We got our shelves in!  My friend designs and builds the most beautiful shelves and she asked me to collaborate with her to get her industrial farmhouse shelves on her site.  Her business is called Farmhouse Block Design and you HAVE to go check it out!  Look at how awesome these are:

Here are the shelves bare- almost too pretty to put things on!  The wood grain looks amazing and the color matches the rest of our wood tones really well!  The hardware is SO cool and makes them so much more interesting and just POP!

You can also go check out her facebook page here if you want.  As you can see I've been mixing things up and moving stuff around on the shelves...we have a different arrangement right now as I post this too haha!  Indecisive...

I got to meet the artist that painted this Christ picture.  It is from Yong Sung Kim and he does the most amazing Christ paintings!  Here is his site if you want to take a look.  This was my favorite painting and he even signed it for me in gold marker (bottom left)  I was so excited about it!

The painting below is a Jamie Clark original and it is a landscape of where we live!  I am obsessed!  She is so amazing!  Here is her shop if you want to take a look and here is her website.  You can also check her out on Facebook and she has a blog too!

These beautiful Olive Tree Branches are from and I am in love!  They are the perfect color green and look so good in so many rooms in my house.  I may even split them up since they are so big and add them to a couple spots instead of just one. 

I only have one complaint with and it is that the website is really hard to navigate.  The search doesn't work that well and their site takes a long time to load, but their faux plants are amazing so I guess it is worth it ;)  

Let me know if you want any other product info!  :)  
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Jamie Clark said...

Your house is beautiful! And thanks for sharing the painting! I think you should have Timmy make a frame for it. He has tools and is handy, right? :)

Jess said...

I definitely want to make one 👍🏻