Sep 27, 2016

Halloween Costumes 2016

This year for Halloween we will be living in an apartment with all of our stuff in storage so I won't have my sewing machine to keep the Halloween costumes cheap.  Luckily, I was able to find out how to get the best deals on costumes online!  

Allie has been talking about her Halloween costume for the past YEAR.  No joke.  So, even though it is more than I would ever spend normally, I figured this year it was worth it.  She wanted to be Mal from Descendents and here is where I found her costume:

Purple Wig- Wish $5

Costume- $22 from (if you sign up you get a $10 off $30 coupon your first 3 orders and shipping is free with coupon code BCK2S)

Macsen wasn't really sure what he wanted to be til last week and he has been talking about it ever since.  He wanted to be the "flying Hiccup"  I thought that would be a really fun one to make, but also a lot of work so I was excited to find it for $12 on

Jensen will be Toothless again since he doesn't really care that much anyway and then he and Macsen will look cute together.

Obviously these are not even close to as cute as the Frozen costumes we did 2 years ago, but they will still be fun for the kids.

Read about our How to Train Your Dragon Halloween costumes from last year

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1 comment:

Tiana Smith said...

Cameron wants to be Carlos from Descendants ;) They did a good job of making fun costumes for that movie, apparently kids think they're cool!