May 18, 2016

Hair Products I'm Loving

I had been doing my hair the same for years and decided it was time for a little change last summer.  I really liked the "crimpy-wavy" look with more volume at the top of my head so I started trying new styling techniques and products.  I also read a few tutorials and ideas of how I should be styling my thin, fine hair.  Here are some things I figured out that have helped me be able to achieve the style I have been trying to:

1. I read this article and figured out that too much product would be bad for my type of hair.  I started using the volumizer shampoo and conditioner from VO5 new line and I love how it makes my hair light, better texture, and smells amazing.  In fact, all of their new line smells amazing and they have something for everyone- plus they are very inexpensive.

2. Once I was using a better shampoo and conditioner for my hair, I also found a better curling tool- originally I was using my straightener to make waves, but the roots would always be flat.  Then I started using an older hot tools curling iron, which was okay, but was losing it's heat.  I LOVE the new Hot Tools irons with the extended barrel for bigger waves.  I talked about that here:  I have also been loving one I got on amazon that makes the tighter "crimpy" waves that I am going for.  It is this one and it is super light so my arm doesn't get tired too.

3.  After I curl my hair, I have LOVED the difference the Moroccanoil products have made for my hair.  I use the Moroccanoil Treatment Light on my damp hair before styling.  After styling I use the Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray to hold the waves.  Then for extra shine, I use the Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine and I LOVE what these will do for my hair!  Below you can see the difference (left without products and same styling, right is with Moroccanoil products:)

Not to mention they look cute out on my bathroom counter in their pretty turquoises ;)

Hope these will help some of you if you are looking for some hair help!
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