Oct 26, 2015

How to Train Your Dragon Costumes

I had a lot of questions from my friends about these costumes so I thought I would share how I made them.  I think I ended up spending about 2 hours tops on these and only about $10 or less.  My mom made the boys' Toothless costumes by using Pinterest posts as her guide- you can find those on my Halloween board.

For Allie's Astrid Costume:

I started with the skirt.  I found a plain dark blue skirt (would have preferred brown or black) and pinned the faux leather fabric cut so there were strips hanging down from a band.  I then cut out skulls from white and black felt. Hot glue the eyes on the heads and hot glue onto the belt area of the skirt.

For her shirt I just used a similar color to her skirt and cut out "shoulder pads" from faux fur.  I attached those with safety pins.  Her hatchet? is from the Dollar Tree. For her wrist warmers I used the same faux fur and wrapped faux leather strips around them to hold them in place.  If I were to do it over I would make these stay better with rubber bands or something...For the leg warmers I actually sewed those together but you could also hot glue them.

For Trey's Snotlout costume:

I got his helmet off of Jet.com here and a sword for him at Walmart.

The "vest" is actually just faux leather cut out and pinned onto a black tee.  He wore work pants and boots and I used the same faux leather to make wrist bands wrapped with strips of the same fabric.  You could really use any brown or black fabric for that part of it.

For my Ruffnut costume:

I got my helmet off of Jet.com too. HERE

I already had the necklace from a previous costume...can't remember where I got it. The sword is also from Walmart.  I also already had the belt and wore a plain blue shirt and greenish leggings with my snow boots.

My vest was a really long one that I pinned short and pinned the faux fur to.  I got this faux fur from the hood of a coat I no longer have so its just been sitting in my fabric box.  The wrist and leg warmers were made from the remains of an old sweater after I used most of it for a pillow.  Here is a diagram so you can get the idea:

I basically just added faux fur to the edges of the wrist warmers then tied more faux leather strips around them.  You can sew or use hot glue for this.  To finish it up I made a skirt with the remainder faux leather and just pinned that strip around my waist.

These costumes were so easy and fun- I hope this helps some of you trying to figure out some costumes! :)

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