Jul 9, 2015

Of One Sea

So I am sorry to brag, but I am so excited about this trip that I just have to share.  We are planning a trip to Kauai next Spring for our 10 year anniversary and I totally have Hawaii on the brain!  I cannot stop thinking about it.  It didn't help to get an awesome package from Of One Sea last week either.. 

It came complete with amazing swimsuits for the boys, the perfect boyfriend tee for me, and a cute little bag of shells, sea-glass, and lava rock!  If that doesn't make you crave Hawaii nothing will!  I will definitely be wearing my tee to Kauai next year- more on my packing list later...along with my travel plans on the island- I will need all the feedback from all of you I can get!

I just have to share more about this company though-

OF ONE SEA is a unity-inspired surf and lifestyle brand based on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawai'i. Our inspiration comes from the simple forms and beauty found in nature which we aim to translate into comfortable and stylish pieces for the whole family.

The boys were sent these adorable and well-made swim trunks that I put on them multiple times a week- even if we aren't going swimming because they are THAT cute.

I pretty much want everything on their site!  Here are some of my very favorite things though:

Don't these products just make you crave Hawaii?  Go check out more of what they have to offer- they have some great sales right now too!

A special thanks to Of One Sea for sponsoring this post!
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Natalie Smith said...

i love the shorts...and all the other things on their site, but holy moly...they are spendy!

the cape on the corner said...

that's an amazing trip! my coworker is there now on her honeymoon, and i gave her all the opinions i could, lol. a few years ago we were in maui for 6 days, and kauai for 4. you definitely have to see hanelei bay, you definitely need to see the napali coast either from air or water...we took a sunset dinner cruise which was magical. you can totally snorkel from the beach at many places. i would recommend packing lunches so that you can enjoy your days wherever you end up-there are so many beaches, you will want to try them all, and then go out to dinner. who wants to have to leave a beautiful and relaxing back to try and find lunch?? if you like coffee, you will enjoy the tour and free, delicious samples at the kaui coffee company (and they made for great souvenirs.)