Apr 27, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Guide

If there is any holiday of the year I've been disappointed on its been Mother's Day.  Being a mom is HARD.  Like REALLY HARD.  So, if there is a day to thank and celebrate mothers it should be a big deal...but usually its not.  So, let's make it a bigger deal huh?  If doing the chores and changing ALL the poopy diapers and cooking all the food for your wife just isn't going to happen, presents are greatly encouraged ;)  Here are a few any mom would love:

1.  Less "Dangerous" Wedding Band

This is something I have wanted since I had my first baby as my wedding ring is marquise and quite pointy.  I have scratched my kids with it many times and always feel super bad when that happens.
Berricle sent me this Art Deco Ring and it is perfect for taking the place of my wedding ring- less dangerous and still fancy and beautiful.  It looks real and it would make a great gift for any mom!  I also like the "Mom" jewelry they have:

2.  Stackable Birthstone Rings

You can find these a number of places, but I really liked the one Sterling Forever sent for Jensen's birthstone.  You can see it here.  Get one for each child and she will love it!

3.  Flowers and/or Chocolates

Didn't we just get this for Valentine's Day?  YES!  But that is totally fine and wonderful.

4.  House Project of Choice

Why not take this opportunity to finally get that tile back-splash up in the kitchen your wife has been dreaming about?  Or the flower boxes under the windows on the house?  Do it the Saturday before Mother's Day so she can spend Sunday staring at them and being reminded of how much you love her.  Now how can I get my husband to read this?...;)

Let's just be honest, gifts are great, but really the effort and thought that goes into them means even more.  So, try to find out what your wife would like and if you can't get it out of her, a love note telling her how much she means to you would make any mom feel appreciated and loved on Mother's Day.
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