Nov 26, 2014

$80 Worth of Clothing for Under 5 Bucks!!

Ok I had to share this since I just got a ton of clothes for $4.85! I am so excited for my black skinny jeans,sweaters, and blouse to come!
Follow these steps to get $80 worth of clothes for $5 (shipping) plus tax.
1. Click this link (on a computer): and create an account to receive a $10 credit.
2. Download the Twice app on up to 3 different devices (there may be some quirks on android devices. I used 3 Apple devices) for a $10 credit per app downloaded. (It will credit you with the $10 each time when you sign in to the app with the same account).
At this point, you now have $40 credit on your account.
3. Pick out $80 worth of clothes.
4. Click this link (this part expires 12 hours after you click it, so don't click it until you are ready!) and get a 50% off coupon code:
5. Complete your order and have $80 worth of clothes sent to you, for only the cost of shipping + tax!

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