Aug 18, 2014

Inexpensive and Easy DIY Abstract Painting


Secondhand canvas (framed or unframed)

Paints (cheap craft paint works great!)

Paintbrushes (cheap foam brushes also work great!)

Painter's Tape

Step 1: Look through your Pinterest boards to decide what kind of a painting you would like in your desired room.  Keep it pulled up on your tablet for a reference

image credits

Step 2: Place painter's tape around the mat of the frame

Step 3: Paint white or a light color over the original painting

Step 4: Try your hand at an abstract landscape or something that looks easy enough to do

Step 5:  Laugh as your painting gets worse and worse and looks like something a little kid just did in 5 minutes

Step 6:  Just for the heck of it paint with your fingers - its fun, trust me

Step 7:  Paint over the landscape because you really aren't as good at painting as you had hoped

Step 8: Mix a few of your favorite colors and start painting thick lines faded into one another.  Add some white once you finish the base to lighten it up and blend it together more.

Step 9:  Take a step back and add more darks for a little more contrast where it needs it.

Step 10:  Paint the mat and/or frame if desired.  I opted for a white mat and gold frame because those are just the best.


I'm thinking I need another coat on the mat and frame...and I might lighten the gold on the frame a's a work in progress.

Love how it adds more color to my living room.  Shout out to my mom who did 75% of this painting with me...I just helped a little ;)
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