Jul 7, 2014

4 Diet-Friendly Treats

If you read my post on 5 new favorite weight loss tools you know that I really don't like the idea of dieting.  I do, however know that sometimes people can't eat certain foods for allergy reasons or have to keep certain foods off-limits to help them with their goals.  So, with that idea in mind, here are a few of my new favorite "diet-friendly" treats:

1. Low Carb All-Natural PB Crave:

This peanut butter with a twist is a great "splurge" that will still keep you on track with all-natural ingredients and healthy fats and protein.  I like using it in my green protein breakfast smoothie to add a little more flavor.  You can eat it straight out of the jar or even spread on fruits to keep it healthy.  They are also AMAZING on rice cakes, which leads into the next treat..

2. Lowfat Gluten-free Rice Cakes

I was crazy about rice cakes in high school and for some reason forgot about them for a few years there...but once again I have rediscovered rice cakes and I LOVE the Chocolate Crunch Quaker brand.  Sometimes I even add a few dark chocolate chips when I eat them.  Totally takes away my chocolate craving!

3. Gluten-free Lucy's Cookies

These cookies are crunchy and sweet and come in lots of different flavors.  My favorite was the Chocolate Cookie, which was only 40 calories each and all are gluten-free.  I personally have no gluten allergies and eat gluten often, but I liked that these didn't contain high-fructose corn syrup and were lower calorie.
While I will probably always prefer a Chips Ahoy to these, they are definitely a LOT better for those unfortunate people trying to stay away from gluten and also those that are watching their calorie and high-fructose corn syrup intake. :)

4.Nonfat Low-calorie PEEPS minis

PEEPS just recently came out with their new PEEPS minis, which are available in stores year-round.  I was able to sample the Strawberry, Sour Watermelon, and Chocolate and I think I have to say my favorite was the Strawberry, which is crazy because I am such a chocaholic!  The thing I love about these is they are very easy for an on-the-go snack being non-messy and portable in their cute little bag.  They are also only 14 calories each and nonfat!  Perfect for a quick little sugar fix ;)

When it comes to indulging in treats when you are trying to lose weight you really do have to figure out your own goals.  For me I need a treat every day instead of having one cheat day, so I want it to be either low-calorie or keep the ingredients on the healthier side.  I hope that some of these will be helpful for some of you and your weight loss goals!
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Diana L. said...

Those different peanut butter with a twist look yummy!