Jun 13, 2014

Comfortable Mom Shoes

I have reviewed a pair of Sanuk shoes before on the blog, but I have to say that these yoga sling sandals are definitely my new favorite!

I ALWAYS ALWAYS wear clothes that I am comfortable in.  Now that I am holding the baby all the time and carrying a heavy diaper bag AND trying to keep Allie and Macsen close I just can't afford to wear heels or anything I can't move in. I wear these Sanuk Yoga Slings with my everyday outfits AND even to church with my maxi skirts!  They can be dressed up and down.  

I am NEVER uncomfortable in them as the soles are made from actual yoga mat material!!  I wore them walking to the parade this last weekend (we walked about 2 1/2 miles total) and my feet felt great after we got home!

Not to mention they also come in SO many really cute styles- I want one in every pattern they have!!

You can order them online at Sanuk.com!
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Mrs Gable said...

Those are super cute, another good mommy shoe is the Crocs Sexi Flip. Normally I am not a fan of Crocs, but those are really cute on!

Jess said...

I'll have to check out those Crocs! Thanks for sharing!