May 20, 2014

4 Favorite Healthy Summer Snacks

Now that the weather here in Utah is gorgeous and perfect I have been thinking more about picnics and parks and these are just a few of my favorite healthy snacks to take along with me:

1. Funley's Crackers and Granola Clusters

Not only are these REALLY good, but each snack bag only contains about 100 calories and they are packed with natural and real ingredients including vegetables (the granola clusters are whole grain and less fat than most granolas)  My kids LOVE these crackers and granola clusters and they are SUPER picky eaters.   However, I have a major chocolate addiction and I have to say that their chocolate granola clusters are SO yummy and SO prefect for the chocolate lover on a diet.  I ate the whole box myself and saved myself many days that I could have SO easily gone off my diet and binged on chocolate ;)  Read more about Funley's Delicious products and see where to buy them here!

2. Red Peppers

Cut-up red peppers are my favorite vegetable to eat raw and without any toppings!

3. Diet Soda

Okay, this really isn't healthy at all, but Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper are my 2 favorite things to drink in the world!  Especially outside on a hot summer day!

4. Simple Sandwiches

I like to make a couple sandwiches like peanut butter and jam and meat & cheese on whole wheat bread and cut them up in fourths.  Then me and the kids just eat a couple pieces each- its easy, cheap, not messy, and healthier than getting a Happy Meal :)

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Melissa said...

I love the red pepper suggestion. The Diet Coke contains aspartame which burns holes in your brain. Not good!
Not sure about the little snack packs, Does it contain GMOs? Would love some healthier snack ideas!

Anonymous said...

Haha...she said in her post that DC isn't healthy at all but it tastes yummy!

Especially as a mom, these are healthier alternatives to taking the easy route and getting fast food for your kids or yourself(: