Jan 31, 2013

Make Some Makeup!

Lately, with my skin being so pasty white, I have felt like I needed to add a little color to my face.  I started reading Maskcara.com and I love her blog!  I have tried a ton of stuff and love everything I try.

Well, my most recent endevour came from wanting to save myself a little money.  I have been wanting to go buy both a highlighter and an eye primer (since I have been wearing more eyeshadow than usual) and lucky for me- Cara just BARELY posted how you can make your own!

So, I pulled out my shoebox full of extra and old makeup (is that weird?) And, I was so excited to find that I had everything I needed!  Here is all it takes:

First for the eye primer, here is Cara's recipe:

image from Maskcara.com

It was a little hard to mix the cornstarch in, and I was worried I hadn't gotten equal amounts of everything, but it turned out great!

Next the Illuminator (Highlighter) Cara's Recipe:

image from Maskcara.com

I used my beautymint moisturizer, neutrogena skin-clearing foundation, and mineral eyeshadow (in elegant) by e.l.f

And here is a little pic of what my makeup looked like after I added the highlighter and eye primer with shadow.

I will be sharing this here
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Leigh Anne Wilkes said...

I hate spending a fortune on make up so appreciate your tips! Will give them a try.
I'd love for you to come over and share at Finding the Pretty & Delicious Linky Party.

Anonymous said...

I always wonder if primer is worth it. I use BB cream which I really love, but I still read where primer is still needed around the eyes. I'll have to try your concotion here - great tip!

Katy {and Kahler} said...

you're so pretty! :) thanks for sharing- i'll have to try these tips.

Holly Lefevre said...

Genius! Sharing on Tickled Pink!

Jelli said...

Love this! I'd never think to make my own eye primer.