Oct 16, 2012

Remodeling Your Kitchen on a Budget

Well, we are hopefully closing on our house this week- yipee!  So, I thought I would share my plans for the kitchen, because, let's face it- that IS the most important part of a house, right?

You can see what the kitchen looks like currently here.  It is definitely liveable, but I thought, why not make it the kitchen of my dreams with a remodeling budget of $2500?

Here is how we are going to do that...

Cabinets will be painted white (Behr - Polar Bear is the plan) and antique brass hardware will be added.  I bought the hardware for a greatly discounted price on Restoration Hardware, but you can look online and in stores for less expensive options.  

Paint, Paint tools, & Hardware: $170 total.

Counter tops will be changed out to a durable and beautiful granite.  We are having them done by Granite Guyz in Orem, UT.  So far we like them a lot (mostly because of price)- I will let you know when we have a finished product if I still do :)

The granite is called Angelus- these are examples, but not the exact slab we are using:

Just a tip for if you buy granite counters- when you are at the granite yards, ask the owners if they have any left over pieces they are trying to get rid of.  (This will only work if your counter tops are around 55sq. ft. or less)  We are getting this granite at a fraction of the cost because it was the last slab left of this particular kind.

Granite Counters (45 sq ft) AND under-mount sink included: $1700 total.

I am planning on buying this facet from Home Depot- it had great reviews and I have a friend that loves hers too.  

Facet and Dispenser: $130 plus tax

Floors will be this "Vineyard Cherry" laminate we bought from Costco. We got it on sale and saved even more- thanks Melinda for telling us it was on sale! :)  It comes with the pad attached to save money and time too- important since we will be installing it ourselves.  Plus, since you always have to buy a lot extra, we will be able to return the extra with Costco's awesome return policy.  That will probably save us around $50-$100.

Floors: $700 for the kitchen AND living room, so $400 for just the kitchen.

So far we are looking at $2400 so that leaves $100 for a backsplash and any other expenses if we stay in the $2500 budget.

Another way we are saving on the kitchen remodel is keeping the white appliances- which I like more than stainless steel anyways, because I am obsessed with white and they are easier to keep clean- win win!

I can't wait to share the finished product- hopefully coming mid November!

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Unknown said...

I love your plan! I've been in my new home for over a year and a half now and we still haven't upgraded, but it's definitely still live able. Best if luck with your closing and Reno project!!


tiff said...

Fantastic plan! I love the couch in that photo too. It's so "me"!


Irene Jennings said...

Very lovely kitchen. This reminds me of the kitchen improvement that I need to get working on! Thanks for sharing.

by: Federal Way Handyman

Linda said...

I like your remodel of the kitchen. We just finished ours. Went through home depot. We had challenges but it is finished now. We first picked the granite through home depot. We thought that was the only affordable way to go. The granite co called for us to look at it. We misunderstood the appointment and ended up at their warehouse and fell in love with this granite from Brazil. Our cabinets are Maple Cognac and the granite has lots of sparkle in it ( which I like bling) beige, black, beige with a goldish undertone, a few spots of grey ; which I like because I used brushed nickle for faucet and hardware. It was a special price but never could get them to give me the price. We paid a little over $200 extra for our slab over home depots granite. I do not regret it, what a difference our piece makes in the whole remodel. I have a contractors license so I was able to go wholesale price on the vinyle flooring for the kitchen, and entry in the rec rm. We put in new carpet in the lv rm, dn. rm, hallwy, and rec rm. We bought a new refreg, and dishwasher. We are like you we like white over stainless steel. So I think my total cost for our 2012 remodel was about$8,000.00. We are retired now and our home is 50 yrs, old. Two yrs. ago we remodeled the bathrm. Our one and only bath rm. I saved my pennys from when I worked and my goal was reached. Our home looks like the 21 century without loosing the character of our small rambler we adore. Great remodel you did. What is bullhorns?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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