Sep 25, 2012

Allie's Girly Room- Fabric

One of the exciting things about getting a little house for our family is that Allie gets to have a girly room (instead of sharing with Macsen.)  While it was fun to have a challenge to decorate a gender neutral room, I am excited to include Allie in the process of designing her very own big-girl room.

Although, while I have been asking Allie for her opinion on all of the decisions, I just haven't been getting the answers I particularly want.  For example, the only color she wants is PURPLE.  Not my favorite color, but that isn't the problem.  The problem is that there are like 5 patterns of fabric with purple in them in the ENTIRE world (a.k.a. on the internet) that I can tolerate and that Allie actually likes.  Didn't realize that girl has such an opinion; she is definitely her father's daughter.

Anyways, after spending literally HOURS and HOURS looking for purple fabric online, at Home Goods, JoAnne's, and Ross Allie and I finally decided on 2 that we will be using:

Curtains to the ceiling and pillows for bed:

Pillow for bed and window seat:

And I now adore!!!

Seriously, learn from my mistake and if there is something particular you want in a fabric don't waste your time- just buy it from

This isn't a sponsored post, but when I bought my fabric I used a coupon code and saved myself like $15...It's 20% off and free shipping with "sewsorry"

I can't wait to go pick out a pretty grey paint for the walls in her room now!  And, Jamie, plan on painting something really cute for her room during Christmas break, k? :)
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Natalie Smith said...

I love these prints!

Jamie Clark said...

Ha ha. I would love to paint something! And I didn't realize Trey had such strong opinions on decorating. :)

hairyshoefairy said...

Gah! I so know. My girl is all about pink and purple. I'm so not a fan. We're both doing some big compromising to come up with something we can both love with. Those prints are fun. I love the idea of a gray on the walls. I can't wait to see how it all comes together.

Adrian said...

Darling fabric choice. Thanks for the tip! I am currently looking for curtain material for Elora's room.